Discover the Benefits of Infant Massage for Better Baby Sleep

Gas / Colic Relief

Massage immediately relieves gas and colic pain in babies and improves overall digestion

Congestion Relief

Facial massage strokes helps relieve congestion in baby

Improved Sleep Patterns

Massage before bedtime releases melatonin, which helps baby sleep better

Improved Breastfeeding

Massage decreases stress in mom and baby improving the breastfeeding relationship

Brain Growth

Loving touch increases the size of baby's brain and affects DNA expression

Improved Bonding

As massage releases oxytocin in the receiver and provider, bonding improves

Physical Growth

Massage helps baby grow to proper height and weight in a healthy way

Pain Relief

Massage relieves pain in baby, including those who are premature or with special needs

Improved Communication

Massage before bedtime releases melatonin, which helps baby sleep better

"Khyati and the class were wonderful! These massage techniques have been a great addition to our routine and a new way to bond with baby."

- April

"My baby girl and I had a very good experience with Vyana massage. I would definitely recommend especially to first-time moms! You will learn baby massage techniques and spend good time bonding with your little one. Btw Khyati is the nicest person!"

- Nadezhda

"We had a great experience. The class was informative and a great way to bond with my baby. We loved it!"

- Taryn

"Khyati's guidance in the Gas/Colic Mini-Course was a lifesaver. My baby boy has already reaped the physical benefits. And I love the sweet bonding time that I get to spend looking into my son's eyes, knowing that I'm also helping his body develop with natural methods."

- Tracey-Ann